A Cheesy Mother’s Day!

This Week at Saxelby Cheesemongers: A Mother’s Day Mac & Cheese Gift, Plus the Grilled Cheese Champ on Cutting the Curd 

May Day, May day! What’s a kid supposed to get his (or her!) mom for Mother’s Day?! Look no further than Saxelby Cheesemongers for a delightful, super fun, and memorable Mother’s Day Gift: Mac & Cheese & Mom!
mac and cheese and mom
Mac & Cheese & Mom!
$55, plus shipping 
To order, visitsaxelbycheese.com

Our “Mac & Cheese & Mom” gift box includes our selection of three half-pound wedges of cheddar-y melting cheeses, plus an exclusive recipe (designed for Saxelby Cheesemongers by the famed chef behind Smitten Kitchen, Deb Perelman) all nestled in our custom wooden gift box.

Cheeses included are Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, the helplessly addictive aged cheddar from the Cellars at Jasper Hill; Landaff, a tart, buttery choice from Landaff Creamery in New Hampshire; and Shelburne Farms Cheddar, a bright Vermont classic.
Saxelby Cheesemongers was honored to taste cheese and talk recipes with Deb at the cheese cave one afternoon, and the illustrious blogger herself designed this perfect, approachable recipe for one of our favorite dishes, farmstead style.  Printed on each keepsake Saxelby recipe card are Deb’s own instructions and famous photos… a friendly, step-by-step guide to cooking for, or with, Mom on her special day.
This family recipe is straightforward enough for even the littlest mongers to help with, and the result of melted artisan cheeses over pasta is special enough to say thanks to the most talented monger around: your Mom.

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Tune in to a fresh episode of Cutting the Curd every Monday from 5:30-6:00pm on the Heritage Radio Network, or download the show as a podcast and listen anytime!

This week’s show is all about cooking with cheese (one of our perennially favorite topics!) We’re joined in studio by Lizz Spano, recent champion of the Artisanal Grilled Cheese Competition and culinary force behind ‘The Grilled Cheese Experiment’, and Sarah Maine, founder of reciperelay.com. Listen in and get some hot tips on how to work cheese into breakfast, lunch, and dinner! As if you needed an excuse….

Got questions for Cutting the Curd? Ideas for future shows? Tell us what you want to hear! Email us at info@heritageradionetwork.com!



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