Add some Cheese to your Game Day this weekend!

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Add Some Cheese to Your Game Day This Sunday!
Superbowl Sunday is approaching fast, and we’ve put together a tasty spread to sustain you and your buddies for four full quarters of knuckle-biting action! Check out our Game Day selection and order online to ship in time for the big day!
game day


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Saxelby Cheesemongers’ Game Day selection features three mouthwatering wedges of delicious farmstead cheese: Landaff, a creamy, earthy, and sharp cheese from Landaff Creamery, Shelburne Farms 2 year Cheddar, and Smoke Signal, an applewood smoked gouda from Calkins Creamery. To complement the cheesy goodness, each package also contains a package of prosciutto-style Surryano ham from S. Wallace Edwards and Sons, master ham curers from Virginia. Comes packed in our signature wooden gift box!
Contains approx 1.5lb of cheese and 4oz of Surryano.
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Game Day is Coming! Let Saxelby Cheese Cater Your Superbowl Party
game day
Our Game Day Selection is the perfect thing to keep you and your buddies sane and sated for four quarters of knuckle-biting action! Includes three cheeses and a pack of Surryano, a prosciutto-style ham from S. Wallace Edwards


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Warm Up with Marvelous Melters!

It’s been mighty cold around these parts lately… But while some people moan and groan about the wintry weather, we cheesemongers see an opportunity to cozy up with some rich and hearty cheeses!

Fondue?! For sure! Raclette?! Bah oui!
Tartiflette?! Totally. Read on and learn more about our favorite melting cheeses and how to cook with them.

alpha tolman
Order a Cheesemonger’s Choice online ($55) and we’ll send our favorite melters to your door! 
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Alpha Tolman (pictured above)
Raw cows’ milk, Jasper Hill Farm

This deliciously nutty Alpine-style cheese is named for Alpha Tolman, a philanthropic dairy farmer who made an indelible mark on the town of Greensboro, VT. Fresh wheels are washed with a cultured brine to cultivate a rosy orange rind that imparts a funky depth to the ripening paste beneath. The flavor is bold and meaty with a blast of butter and caramelized onions. Makes a perfect fondue or gratin!

Reading Raclette

Raw cows’ milk, Spring Brook Farm 

raclette In French, the verb ‘Racler’ means ‘to scrape’. And that’s just what this cheese is for… Reading Raclette is a washed rind cheese that takes its inspiration from the famed Raclettes (both Swiss and French) of the Alps. When served in the traditional way, a half wheel of cheese is held close to a flame until it gets bubbly, melty, and nearly molten. The cheese is then scraped onto a bed of roasted potatoes and served up with cornichons and a liberal quaff of crisp white wine. And you don’t need to book a trip to the Alps to enjoy it! Just hightail it to your local cookware shop for a home raclette machine and voila – instant raclette party!


Raw cows’ milk, Meadow Creek Dairy 

A complex washed rind cheese that evokes the earthy, pungent tommes of the Swiss Alps. Part grass, part toasted nuts, and part beef broth with a liberal dose of earthiness. Aged for more than 6 months, Mountaineer is one of the most savory, rustic bits of cheese you could ever hope for your tastebuds to stumble across. Made only when the herd of Jersey cows at Meadow Creek Dairy is out on pasture, from April until November each year. Combine it with one or more of your other favorite melters for fondue, make a grilled cheese with savory ham, or melt with noodles for a decadent mac and cheese!