Add some Cheese to your Game Day this weekend!

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Add Some Cheese to Your Game Day This Sunday!
Superbowl Sunday is approaching fast, and we’ve put together a tasty spread to sustain you and your buddies for four full quarters of knuckle-biting action! Check out our Game Day selection and order online to ship in time for the big day!
game day


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Saxelby Cheesemongers’ Game Day selection features three mouthwatering wedges of delicious farmstead cheese: Landaff, a creamy, earthy, and sharp cheese from Landaff Creamery, Shelburne Farms 2 year Cheddar, and Smoke Signal, an applewood smoked gouda from Calkins Creamery. To complement the cheesy goodness, each package also contains a package of prosciutto-style Surryano ham from S. Wallace Edwards and Sons, master ham curers from Virginia. Comes packed in our signature wooden gift box!
Contains approx 1.5lb of cheese and 4oz of Surryano.
Visit for our entire selection of cheesy gifts!

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