And The Winners Are…!


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And The Winners Are…
The Oscars may have come and gone, but at Saxelby Cheesemongers the party isn’t over! We’re proud to tout some cheesy stars of our own!


Last week was quite the week for cheese ogling in the press. Saxelby was featured in the New York TimesNew York Magazine (full article not yet available online), and Tasting Table New York. While other people scour the pages of InStyle and People for rundowns of the red carpet’s best dressed, we cheese geeks find ourselves obsessing over the perfect piece of cured curd. 
NY Mag 50 cheeses
New York Magazine’s ‘Fifty Cheeses: The Current Cheesescape Defined’


Stop by the shop this week for a taste of some of the press’s recent picks, or ask our friendly mongers who they’d give the ‘Best Cheese’ award to. They won’t steer you wrong!


Can’t wait to find out who the favorites were? Check out the top three here!



Mystic Cheese Company (pasteurized cows’ milk/animal rennet, Lebanon, CT)

Say hello to Melville, the first cheese from the Mystic Cheese Company! A tiny cheese business in coastal Connecticut, the Mystic Cheese Co is cranking out some super-fine Italian-esque cheese. Veteran cheesemaker Brian Civitello oversees the production of these pudgy, fresh little squares of deliciousness that are similar in style to Crescenza. The flavor is bright, briny and lactic, with some pleasant sourness. The texture is perhaps the most unique thing about this cheese. Melville is satiny, silky and blubbery (pun definitely intended!) and becomes more unctuous and amorphous as it ages and breaks down. Aged 1 to 3 weeks.


Fuzzy Wheel

Twig Farm (raw goat and cows’ milk/animal rennet, W. Cornwall, VT)

A new little marvel from the folks up at Twig Farm.  Fuzzy wheel is creamy, grassy, and uber-minerally, with a distinct and beautiful stone-colored rind.  Fuzzy gets its name from the fact that it is covered with a downy brown-gray mold as it ages, affectionately called ‘poile du chat’ or ‘cat fur’ by the French.  Don’t you worry though, there’s nothing fuzzy about this cheese.  Just pure succulent, milky goodness.

Cows at the Beer Garden

Lazy Lady Farm (pasteurized cows’ milk/animal rennet, Westfield, VT)

Forget cow tipping, how about cows tippling!?! Laini Fondiller, cheese inventor extraordinaire, decided to forge a partnership with Kingdom Brewing in Newport, VT for this special cheese. The wheels are washed with ale made at Kingdom, giving the cheese a distinct yeasty and pine-y flavor. The young cheese is tart, lactic and chalky. The perfect thing to munch alongside your favorite craft beer. Aged 2-4 weeks.


tasting table
Cows at The Beer Garden as Featured in Tasting Table NYC


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