Irish Nachos?! And Other St Paddy’s Day Cheese Oddities

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Irish Nachos?! And Other St Paddy’s Day Cheese Oddities 
While the Irish do make some of the world’s finest cheeses (Ardrahan and Gubbeen among them) on St Paddy’s Day, the luck of the Irish favors other, shall we say, interesting cheeses.
Take Irish Nachos, for example, as chronicled by Robert Sietsema on Chips topped with corned beef, smoked bacon, cheese, shredded cabbage, and ‘Reilly Sauce’. What the what?! I guess in the world of nachos, anything is possible.
guinness cheese
Guinness Cheese

Two other trashy St. Paddy’s Day cheeses worth mentioning are Sage Derby and Guinness Cheese. Comparing side by side pics, these two could be long lost brothers, cousins, or something of that ilk. Not really worth ingesting, but worth a gratuitous picture for sure.

sage derby
Sage Derby Cheese


While we don’t carry cheeses spiked with food coloring, we give a nod to these cheese oddities all the same. A happy St Paddy’s Day to you and yours, and be sure to stop by the shop this week for a wedge of New York’s finest fromage!
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