Saxelby Cheesemongers Turns 8!

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Moms Are Cheesy!
mother's day 2014

The perfect Mother’s Day gift for your cheesy, wonderful mom. Includes a button of Kunik, Catskill Provisions Honey, and a SaxelbyCheesemongers cheese knife! 
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 Delectable Farmstead Cheese
Saxelby Cheesemongers Turns 8!
This Sunday May 4th, Come on Out and Celebrate!
Can it be true?! Eight years?! I feel like a parent when I say this (well now I am a parent so I guess I have an excuse) but little cheese shops grow up fast… It seems like just yesterday I was rolling up the gates for our first day of business at the Essex Market, and now eight years have flown by!
This Sunday, May 4thSaxelbyCheesemongers Invites YOU, our favorite customers, to an eighth birthday celebration at our Essex Street Market shop! 
There’ll be birthday cake, (courtesy of Ron & Ira at Rainbo’s Fish) Saxel-schwag giveaways, free cheese knives with purchases of $15 or more, and more delicious cheese than you could shake a stick at. We’re also sponsoring our first ever social media photo contest! 
 Post your favorite Saxelby Cheese pics to ourInstagram and Twitter pages with the hashtag #saxturns8 between now & May 5th. We’ll pick our favorite and award the winner a $50 gift certificate to the shop!
In eight years we’ve seen a lot of change… In the cheese world at large, in the world of American artisan cheese in particular, and in the Essex Street Market! 
I’m happy to report that the great majority of this change has been for the good – there are more great American cheeses (and American cheesemakers) out there than ever before. WhenSaxelby Cheesemongers opened, I worked with a network of about twenty small farms. That number has swelled to closer to fifty today! The quality and complexity of cheese being made in the United States is just incredible, and at SaxelbyCheesemongers we are SO proud to support the work of all these dedicated artisans.
The cheese world at large continues to grow because of people like YOU, who love to eat great cheese! There are more cheese shops in NYC than there have been in a generation, and more  restaurants featuring delicious cheese and dairy for their menus and cheese plates than ever before.
Last but not least, the Essex Market has changed! Since 2006, we’ve seen some wonderful older businesses close, and lots of new businesses open. The market has changed, but its spirit remains the same. Essex is still NYC’s most authentic and colorful public market, and we aim to keep it that way! The next few years are bound to bring about even more change as we transition into a new facility, and we need your continued patronage and support to keep Essex Market going strong, and to remain the quirky, mom & pop market you all know and love!
So come out this Sunday and celebrate eight great cheesy years! We love you all, appreciate your years of support, and look forward to many more!





Saxelby Visits Woodcock Farm!

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Special Offer – Woodcock Farm Trio!
woodcock farm trio
Order Online!
$55 plus shipping
 In honor of our recent visit to Woodcock Farm, we’ve created a Woodcock Farm Trio featuring three of their fabulous cheeses! 
Each trio contains Weston Wheel (a fruity aged sheep cheese) Timberdoodle (a semi-firm, tangy and peanutty cows’ milk cheese) and Humble Pie (a soft, gooey buttery cheese) for a total of 1.5 lbs of cheese.
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Tune in to Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby’s cheesy radio show on the Heritage Radio Network live every Mondayafternoon from 2:00 to 2:30 pm EST
Can’t listen live? Download past episodes on Itunes or Stitcher!
 Delectable Farmstead Cheese
Saxelby Visits Woodcock Farm:
Spring Has Sprung, So Stay Tuned for Sheep Cheese!
As we like to say, there’s nothing like a little road trip to Vermont during mud season. A bit of trivia for all you non-Vermonters out there – while most of the world works off the age-old four seasons model, Vermonters have taken the liberty of adding a fifth – mud season. And while it may be messy, it’s a fun and busy time on the farm! The sheep are lambing, the goats are kidding, and the milk is starting to flow for another season of cheesemaking.
lambs - woodcock farmSaxelby Cheesemongers paid a visit to Woodcock Farm last weekend, and spring was in full swing. There were more than one hundred new lambs on the ground, who took the opportunity to create a cacophony of baa-ing whenever anyone entered the barn. 
Mark and Gari Fischer, owners and cheesemakers at Woodcock Farm, are gearing up for another season of sheep cheese making, and we can’t wait for those cheeses to arrive! We should have Summer Snow and other fresh, sheepy beauties in our cave come end of May. We still have a wee bit of Weston Wheel left this season (their signature aged sheep milk cheese) so snap it up while the snapping’s good!
woodcock milk deliveryDuring wintertime, the Fischers make cows’ milk cheeses using rich and fatty milk from neighboring Jersey Girls Farm (and that’s Jersey as in the breed of cow… no reality TV on this farm!) Some of our favorite cows’ milk cheeses, Timberdoodle, Humble Pie, and Kind of Blue are made from this milk. A few days per week, Mark makes the drive over to Jersey Girls to pick up his liquid gold. He fills his milk cans, which are then transported back to Woodcock Farm and unloaded (100 pounds each!) into their milk vat, and then transformed into cheese.
Originally from New York City, the Fischers moved up to Vermont in the nineties and started making cheese. At first they made sheep milk cheese for David Major of Vermont Shepherd, and later branched out into their own line of sheeps’ milk cheeses. Since sheep are so seasonal in their milk production (they only give milk 5-6 months out of the year), they started to add some mixed milk and pure cows’ milk cheeses to their lineup. Today they make over eight varieties of cheese, which we’re proud to carry at Saxelby Cheesemongers!
Stop by the shop this week for a taste of Woodcock Farm cheese, or order our Woodcock Farm Trio online and have it shipped right to your door!

Bunnies, Baskets, and Cheese!

Bunnies, Baskets, and Cheese!
Easter is just around the corner, and whether you’re cooking for twenty, heading to a friend or family member’s house for dinner, or looking for a surprise to nestle in your special someone’s Easter basket, Saxelby Cheesemongers has you covered! Check out our full selection of gifts and find the perfect Easter treat!

Cheesemonger’s Choice – $55 and up
Let the experts decide! (with your guidance of course…)

Here at Saxelby Cheese, we have so many tasty and hard-to-find favorites that we decided to create our Cheesemonger’s Choice Selection! We’ll pick a peck of the finest cheese that the barnyard has to offer and send it straight to your door! Let us know what you absolutely love (and what you don’t for that matter!) and we’ll tailor the selection to you! Just make a note in the comments box when checking out.

Get Your Goats! – $55
A trio of the season’s finest fresh goats 

Springtime is when all the young goat cheeses make their way back to our cheese cave, and we’re delighted to share them with you! Each package contains one Pipe Dreams Buche, an ashed log of dense and tangy chevre, one Smokey Mountain Log, a creamy and spreadable smoked chevre from Goat Lady Dairy, and one Pearl, a mild young button made from a blend of goat and cows’ milk at Seal Cove Farm in Maine. Contains 1.5 lb. of cheese. 

cheese of the month

Cheese of the Month Club – $150
Perfect for weddings, birthdays, you name it!

Saxelby’s Cheese of the Month Club is the gift that keeps on giving… Choose from three, six, or twelve months, OR order our Seasonal Club for the best of the season 4 times a year.

Cheese of the Month Club

Gift Certificates – $25 and up
Send one to the cheese lover in your life!

Know a cheese head who craves the finest fromage? Order them a gift certificate! Can be used online or at our shop.

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Cheese Board – $35

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It’s the perfect gift! Our bamboo cheese boards are  tough, beautiful, and hand crafted in Brooklyn!

$5 Saxelby Classics for National Grilled Cheese Day! This Saturday, April 12th

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Saxelby‘s Cheese of the Month Club!
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Cheese of the Month Club
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$5 Saxelby Classics for National Grilled Cheese Day! 
This Saturday, April 12th
This Saturday is every cheese lover’s favorite holiday – National Grilled Cheese Day! It’s an homage to the simplest of comfort foods, and a reason for Saxelby Cheese to share some cheesy goodness with you! 
grilled cheeseStop by the shop this Saturday April 12th for $5 ‘Classics’ Our signature grilledcheese made with delicious sharp cheddar cheese and Trickling Springs butter. 
This Saturday only, we’ll also be offering10% off Shelburne Cheddar and Trickling Springs butter (salted & unsalted) in case you want to invite your buddies over and celebrate with a grilled cheese bash at home!
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Tune in to Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby‘s cheesy radio show on the Heritage Radio Network live every Monday afternoon from2:00 to 2:30 pm EST
Yesterday’s show was all about Cheesy Travel… We talked with Elph Morgan ofZingerman’s Food Tours, and Rynn Caputo ofCaputo Brothers Creamery about their incredible (and cheese-centric) food tours! Itching to travel and learn more aboutcheese?! Check out the link to listen in to the entire episode!