First Sheep Cheese of the Season!

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A Feast Fit For a Father!
cheese & charcuterie
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Treat dad to a selection of three delicious cheeses and a generous helping of Surryano Ham – a prosciutto style ham from S. Wallace Edwards and Sons in Surry, VA.
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Cheese of the Month Club
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Impress the cheese lover in your life with Saxelby’s Cheese of the Month Club! Our most delicious and hard-to-find cheeses shipped right to your door each and every month!
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 Delectable Farmstead Cheese
First Sheep Cheese of the Season! 


We’ve been patiently waiting for these sheep to get milking… And now the long wait is finally over! Our first batch of cheese from Meadowood Farms just hit the shelves, and Ricotta Lana, the stellar sheeps’ milk ricotta from Vermont Shepherd is back! 
Didn’t know that sheep cheese was seasonal? Just like the first strawberries at the Green Market, the first sheep cheeses of the year show up in early June to freshen up our cheese plates with a little something new! Stop by the shop this week for a selection of sheepy goodness.
Meadowood Farms
pasteurized sheep milk. Cazenovia, NY
A brainy and beautiful sheeps’ milk cheese that is gooey and bursting with flavor. This first batch is strong, creamy and just a touch barnyardy

Meadowood Farms 
pasteurized sheep milk. 
Cazenovia, NY 
Ledyard is a leaf-wrapped beauty that is a trifecta of grape infusions from Madison County, NY. The grape leaves are harvested by cheese maker Veronica Pedraza and then soaked in an Empire Brewing Co. wheat beer called Deep Purple that is brewed with local concord grapes. The result is a yeasty and farmy little disc with a buttery and decadent texture.
ricotta lana

Ricotta Lana
Vermont Shepherd
pasteurized sheep milk. 
Putney, VT
A whole sheeps’ milk ricotta from Vermont Shepherd that tastes like a visit to a Tuscan shepherd’s kitchen! Rustic, sheepy, and milky sweet, this ricotta is an incredible seasonal treat. Just drizzle a touch of honey and sea salt on top, and voila – dessert (or killer crostini!) is served.

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