White Moustache Flavor Update!!!

The Perfect Picnic Pack! 
stocking stuffer
Our Perfect Picnic Pack is all you need this summer for a delicious snack on the go! Contains 1lb of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, a jar of NY Hot Pepper Jelly and a stylish Saxelby Cheesemongers tote bag perfect for schlepping picnic supplies.
 Love Cheese? Love Radio? Tune In to Cutting the Curd!



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White Moustache Flavor Update
Everyone’s favorite yogurt is now available in a dazzling array of flavors… Why choose one when you can try ’em all?! Stop by the shop and tempt your tastebuds today!
white moustache
Greek – the classic. 
King Mulberry – with mulberry puree.
Date – with smooth, sweet date puree. 
Sour Cherry – tart and tangy.
Kiss – orange blossom honey and walnuts.
 White Moustache Yogurt is a father/daughter business based in Red Hook, Brooklyn using Hudson Valley Fresh milk. The yogurt is incubated using centuries-old techniques passed down by owner Homa Dashtaki’s grandmother (and her grandmother before her and her grandmother before her… you get the idea!)
The result is a tangy, thick yogurt of incomparable flavor and integrity. We think you’ll agree it’s worth a special trip to Saxelby Cheesemongers to stock up!

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