Special Halloween Edition: Scary Cheeses!

Special Halloween Edition: Scary Cheeses!
The cheese world can be a scary place indeed… caves, mites, mold, and strange smells are all a part of the trade (not to mention us mongers, a rare and scary breed unto ourselves!!) This week we’ve devoted our missive to some scary but delicious cheeses. When you’re thinking of tricks and treats, don’t forget to stop by Saxelby for these savory goodies that are ready for a-gobblin’!
grayson scary cheese

Check out this demonic ‘chamber of death’ devoted to the storage of Grayson, one of our favorite, most pungent cheeses! This photo came from one of our restaurant clients who shall remain nameless to protect those not associated with the cook who created this label…

Grayson is a stinky cheese if there ever was one, washed in saltwater brine and aged in cellars inoculated with b-linens bacteria which form the sticky and stinky orange rind. The texture is creamy and robust… think regular butter meets peanut butter, and the flavor is not unlike taking a bite of a dry aged steak. Which to us, is a sublime form of stinky.
suffolk punch moldy

Or check out this Suffolk Punch, a moldy-oldy gourd of a cheese aged at Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn. These caciocavallo-style cheeses are hung in the caves and aged for a few months, during which they create a pretty impressive coating of furry green mold. The cave masters know they’re ripe and ready to go when the mold begins to droop towards the bottom of each cheese, giving it that gourd-like look. Each Suffolk Punch is then rubbed down with olive oil to take the green away before being sold.

These tasty Italian-esque cheeses are America’s answer to Provolone… young, nutty, and swissy with a touch of a fruity and peppery bite! Suffolk Punch makes for a perfect table cheese, or an ideal accompaniment to some cured meats on a cheese board or in a sandwich!
Saxelby Mail Order 
This Halloween Send Some Scary Cheese to That Special Someone!

scary cheese!

Try a trio of our favorite stinky cheese for a special trick or treat this Halloween! Features Grayson – a beefy, buttery, pungent cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy, Juvindale – a dense and peanutty round from Meadowood Farms, and Oma – a tangy, barnyardy and vegetal cheese from VonTrapp Farmstead. Includes three 1/3 lb wedges of cheese for a total of approximately 1lb. Serves up to 12.
Help A Butcher in Need… Help Saxelby Cheese Support Silva!


Silva, a dear friends and butcher at the Heritage Meat Shop, needs our help! He has been battling cancer for the past few years, but sadly, his symptoms won’t allow him to continue working at Heritage.

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