Slyboro Season is Here! Plus Cheesy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

News from Saxelby Cheesemongers!

  Slyboro Season is Here!
Plus Cheesy Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Father’s Day is THIS Sunday!
Order by midnightWednesday 6/17 for delivery by Father’s Day! Ship it to him direct, or pick it up at the shop!

Man Cave Snack Pack $75

When dads retire to their man caves, what do they do? Snack of course! Includes three delicious (and manly!) cheeses and two scrumptious charcuterie selections.
alpine cheese

Every month, get a trio of fabulous farmstead cheeses from our favorite farms. Choose from 3, 6, 12 months, or a Seasonal Club.
all nighter

For all those new dads out there! Help combat those sleepless nights with some super snackage from Saxelby Cheese! Includes two hearty wedges of cheese, Stumptown coffee, Fine Cheese Co. crackers, Rakka chocolate, Rick’s pickles and Zingerman’s Spiced Pecans.


Slyboro is back everybody! Each summer at Saxelby Cheesemongers, we await the arrival of our favorite goats’ milk cheeses to emerge from the caves where they have been patiently ripening. The cheeses are made in the early spring, when there’s still a chill in the air (and usually some snow on the ground!) and aged to perfection thanks to lots of tender loving care from the cheesemakers!

Slyboro is a cheesy innovation that began as a partnership between Consider Bardwell, Saxelby Cheesemongers, and chef Daniel Boulud for the opening of his flagship retail shop – Epicerie Boulud. This year Slyboro is only available at Saxelby Cheesemongers, and at select farmer’s markets.

Molding Slyboro

The cheese is made in small batches from the raw milk of Consider Bardwell’s 135 does, and washed with Evil Sin Cider from Slyboro Cider House, just down the road from Consider Bardwell Farm. The cheeses are washed three times a week over the course of their 60 day aging period, bringing ample funk, earthiness, and an unmistakably apple-y quality to the rind. One sniff and you’d swear you were in an apple orchard in fall, when the ground smells of soil, sweet fallen apples, and leaves.

Wheels of Slyboro in brine

Wheels of Slyboro in brine.

Our first batch of Slyboro of the season is utterly delicious. Delicately musky, fruity, and just a touch pungent. The paste is semi-firm, breaking down to creamy goodness the minute it hits the palate. The tawny orange rind is twinged with a slightly granular quality – calcium that builds up on the rind during the washing/aging process. Stop by the shop this week to pick up a wedge, or order online!

Slyboro on aging racks

Young wheels of Slyboro on aging racks.