The Season’s Best Cheeses: La Creme de La Cave and Meadowood Farms Cheese

As we head into fall at Saxelby Cheesemongers, we are literally inundated with the largest variety of cheeses of the entire year – the aged goats and sheep are mature and delicious, the soft sheeps’ milk cheeses are at their peak, and some special extra aged cows’ milk cheeses are being released from the caves for us to savor and enjoy! This week’s cheesy missive is devoted to the cheeses of the moment… We’ve crafted two sensational collections for you to savor, so order today & taste for yourself!
We’ve rounded up three of our favorite cheeses – one cow, one sheep, and one goat – to represent the best of the season and to create a perfect cheese plate. These rare and hard to find cheeses are the pride of Saxelby Cheesemongers’ fall lineup. The variety of milks, textures, and flavors will have your tastebuds reeling with happiness!
Contains 1.5lb of cheese. 
Serves 10-12 people.
Strawbridge – a buttery and gooey sheeps’ milk cheese from Meadowood Farms that is literally like sheeps’ milk gelato with a rind. (no we’re not kidding…) Marieke Super Gouda – a firm, caramelly aged cows’ milk gouda from Holland’s Family Cheese. These wheels have been set aside for Saxelby and aged until 18-24 months old. The extra aging gives them a bold, sweet flavor and crystalline crunch. Goat Tomme – a musky, vegetal tomme from Twig Farm in Vermont. These prized wheels are hard to come by – made in small batches by cheesemaker Michael Lee and aged until covered with a velveteen gray rind and bursting with goaty goodness.
This one’s for all you sheep cheese lovers out there – A trio of cheeses from Meadowood Farms that’s a tour de force of ovine deliciousness. These cheeses are all ripe and ready to go… And it would behoove you (sheep pun definitely intended) to act soon! Strawbridge will be out of season in just two short weeks, and the Ledyard season will finish at the end of October.
Contains three whole wheels of cheese for total

of approx 2lbs.
Strawbridge – a buttery and gooey sheeps’ milk cheese that is literally like sheeps’ milk gelato with a rind. Ledyard – a soft bloomy rinded beauty wrapped in a beer-soaked grape leaf. Think Banon from Upstate NY… The grape leaves are harvested by cheesemaker Veronica Pedraza and then soaked in Deep Purple, a hefeweizen brewed with local concord grapes from nearby Empire Brewing Co. The final fromage is Rippleton – a one pound wheel of supple sheeps’ milk cheese that is washed with barely fermented beer from Empire. The result is a succulent and pungent wheel of cheese that tastes of barnyard and smokey bacon!
Send ’em Saxelby’s Cheese of the Month Club – Each and every month, they’ll receive a selection of three half pound wedges of our most delicious and seasonal cheese. Let us know what your cheese lover likes best (or doesn’t like at all!) and we’ll be sure to accommodate your request.
small cheesemonger's choice
includes three months free shipping!
ships in October, January, April and July

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