Cheese Storage! Tips From Your Favorite Mongers…

If you’ve ever found a sad, dried out little piece of cheese in the back of your refrigerator, this newsletter is for you! There are as many theories and methods for keeping cheese fresh and happy as there are cheeses in the world. However, these tried and true methods are our faves, and the most user-friendly. For the love of cheesus, read on and save your delicious cheeses from unintentional fridge abuse!
*Heads up! You can also listen in to Cutting the Curd to hear Anne Saxelby and her cheesy cohorts wax poetic on the virtues (and vices) of different cheese storage techniques.*
Schmancy as it may sound, cheese paper was developed for a reason, and really does the best job of keeping cheese fresh and delicious in your home refrigerator. This special paper is multi-layered… the inner layer is made of breathable polyethelene, and the outer layer is comprised of a thin waxy paper. If your cheese is wrapped up properly in cheese paper, there’s no need to bring any other tools into the mix!
We can’t stress it enough – wrapping your cheese in plastic is a one way ticket to stale and subpar cheese. The fats on the cut surface of cheese interact with the elements present in cling wrap and can impart some not-so-nice flavors. However, if you put a piece of wax paper between your cheese and the cling wrap, you keep the cheese from tasting like plastic AND keep it from drying out. Using wax or parchment paper alone can result in dried out cheese, so we like this combo best!
– FOIL – 
It’s simple, and it’s usually around somewhere in your kitchen. When you don’t have cheese paper or wax paper around, choose foil over plastic wrap any day! The foil does not have the same chemical reaction with the cut surface of the cheese, so it preserves flavor and keeps the cheese from getting too dry.
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