The Battle of the Bulge! Rush Creek Reserve vs. Winnimere – Plus Essex Market Instagram Contest – Enter to Win a Holiday Box of Goodies from the Market!


Rush Creek Reserve vs. Winnimere: In this epic battle of gooey cheese, everyone’s a winner! For the first time ever, Saxelby Cheesemongers has BOTH Rush Creek Reserve and Winnimere available in time for the holidays! These decadent and pungent cheeses can be eaten with a spoon. Literally. And that’s just what we recommend doing – buying a wheel (or two – no one’s going to judge you here!!) letting it sit on your countertop until it’s at room temperature, and then digging in with reckless abandon!

Rush Creek Reserve is a limited edition release this year – we’ve got one batch to sell for the holidays, and then that’s that until next year! Winnimere will be available through late winter. Don’t delay!
Order your favorite stinky cheese today!

Rush Creek Reserve

Uplands Cheese Co. (raw cows’ milk/calf rennet, Dodgeville, WI)


Rush Creek Reserve is the stuff cheese dreams are made of. Made in the tradition of Vacherin Mont d’Or, a famous cheese from the Jura region of France, Rush Creek is made for just a few weeks each fall, when the cows at Uplands go off pasture and begin to eat dry hay. This shift in diet makes their milk especially rich and decadent. Each wheel is wrapped with a spruce bark girdle, keeping the gooey paste at bay until it hits the dinner table! The spoonable cheese is hearty and complex, with a wide range of flavors from creme fraiche, freshly cut grass, hazelnuts and smoked meat all making their way onto the palate. Aged for 60-75 days.


Jasper Hill Farm (raw cows’ milk/animal rennet, Greensboro, VT)


Winnimere is made from the winter milk of Mateo and Andy Kehler’s herd of Ayrshire cows up at Jasper Hill Farm.  During the winter months, the butterfat in the milk skyrockets, due to the fact that the cows are mostly in the barn, being protected from the harsh elements of the northeast kingdom of Vermont. These conditions are perfect for making Winnimere, a washed-rind cheese that is reminiscent of the famous French Vacherin Mont D’Or. It sports a balsa bark girdle to hold all that creaminess in, as well as to augment the cheese’s natural woodsy, pungent and smoky aromatics. Tastes of mustard, smoked meat, juniper, and wine. Aged 60 days or more.

Miracle at Essex Market Holiday Instagram Contest!

This week, post your pics of the Essex Street Market on Instagram with the hashtag #essexstreetmarket for a chance to win a holiday gift crate full of goodies from your favorite vendors! Includes a sizeable chunk of Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, a plate from Shopsin’s, butter almond cookies from Boubouki, coffee from Porto Rico, and much more!Winners Crate.jpeg

Contest Poster.png

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