Let’s Fall Into Cheese People! October is American Cheese Month!

creme-de-la-cave-fall-2016It happened just like that. Summer seemed to be lazily extending its yearly visit, and then BAM! The weather turned colder, the skies turned grayer, and the days got shorter. Which is good news for us cheesemongers for TWO reasons – First, the colder weather flips the switch on that tiny internal apparatus that governs our appetites. All of a sudden we go from the ‘mozzarella all the time’ mentality to ‘bring me your stinky, your gooey, your firm and belly-warming cheese’ mode. (yes, those are scientific terms and phenomena.)

Second, October is American Cheese Month! Which means a monthlong cheese-centric party at Saxelby! Stop by the shop for special events, special grilled cheese sandwiches, and deals on your favorite cheese. Take 10% off ALL online cheese purchases for the month of October to help get your belly in top cheese-eating form for winter when you use discount code ‘cheesemonth’.

Check out our brand new Fall Creme de La Cave Selection – We couldn’t think of a tastier way to get started!

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