Gear Up for American Cheese Month With Our Regional Favorites!

170925_RegionalFavesIt’s nearing the most special time of year for us cheeseheads… American Cheese Month!!!

For the entire month of October, retailers, restaurants and cheesemakers around the celebrate the hard work, creativity and ingenuity of America’s artisan cheesemakers. To gear up and show your love, check out some of our curated sets of regional favorites!!

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Blue Ribbon Beauties – Award-Winning Cheeses From Saxelby’s Collection

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Everybody loves a winner! We’re tickled pink by the tremendous response we’ve had to the recent Wall Street Journal roundup of American Cheese Society award-winning cheeses. Check out the full Saxelby selection of ACS award-winners and assemble a blue ribbon-worthy cheese plate of your own!


Decadent gooey cheeses are a must-have for any cheese plate! Serve with a spoonful of honey or your favorite preserves. Soft cheeses should ideally be eaten within 2 weeks of purchase, so we recommend buying only as much as you need for your next few dinners.

Harbison: Gooey, bark-wrapped cheese. Cultured cream, mustard, and raspberry flavor notes

Noble Road: Mild, mushroomy Brie-style cheese

Moses Sleeper: Funky soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese. Broccoli, truffle, and creamy flavor notes


For those who love the funk, a pungent washed-rind cheese is a must have in any cheese lineup! These savory and potent cheeses are a perfect foil for wine and beer pairings – try an off-dry riesling or a creamy brown ale.

Grayson: Beefy, custardy washed-rind cow’s milk cheese

Slyboro: Pungent vegetal washed-rind goat’s milk cheese


These mature cheeses pack a punch! Sturdy and robust, these cheeses provide richness, depth and heft to a cheese plate, and will hold up practically forever in your fridge! Don’t be afraid to stock up and savor these over the course of many weeks.

Marieke Premium Gouda: Butterscotchy, crystalline, and carmelized aged gouda

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar: Nutty, brothy, grassy, and sweet clothbound cheddar


In the world of cheese, it’s not a bad thing to have the blues! Blue cheeses can range from mild-mannered to kick-you-in the-pants in terms of their flavor intensity, but we always like to end a cheese course with a little blue. Pair with bold red wines, fortified dessert wines like port, sherry, and madiera, or even with spirits like bourbon and whiskey.

Cayuga Blue: Goat’s milk blue with mushroom, vanilla, and black pepper notes

Bayley Hazen Blue: Rich, fudgy cow’s milk blue with chocolate and anise flavor notes

Ewe’s Blue: Bright, buttermilk-y, and fruity sheep’s milk blue

Dunbarton Blue: A cheddar/blue hybrid with sweet, toasted nut and burnt sugar flavor notes

Click here for a link to the Wall Street Journal Roundup!