Blue Ribbon Beauties – Award-Winning Cheeses From Saxelby’s Collection

ACS Winners.jpg

Everybody loves a winner! We’re tickled pink by the tremendous response we’ve had to the recent Wall Street Journal roundup of American Cheese Society award-winning cheeses. Check out the full Saxelby selection of ACS award-winners and assemble a blue ribbon-worthy cheese plate of your own!


Decadent gooey cheeses are a must-have for any cheese plate! Serve with a spoonful of honey or your favorite preserves. Soft cheeses should ideally be eaten within 2 weeks of purchase, so we recommend buying only as much as you need for your next few dinners.

Harbison: Gooey, bark-wrapped cheese. Cultured cream, mustard, and raspberry flavor notes

Noble Road: Mild, mushroomy Brie-style cheese

Moses Sleeper: Funky soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese. Broccoli, truffle, and creamy flavor notes


For those who love the funk, a pungent washed-rind cheese is a must have in any cheese lineup! These savory and potent cheeses are a perfect foil for wine and beer pairings – try an off-dry riesling or a creamy brown ale.

Grayson: Beefy, custardy washed-rind cow’s milk cheese

Slyboro: Pungent vegetal washed-rind goat’s milk cheese


These mature cheeses pack a punch! Sturdy and robust, these cheeses provide richness, depth and heft to a cheese plate, and will hold up practically forever in your fridge! Don’t be afraid to stock up and savor these over the course of many weeks.

Marieke Premium Gouda: Butterscotchy, crystalline, and carmelized aged gouda

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar: Nutty, brothy, grassy, and sweet clothbound cheddar


In the world of cheese, it’s not a bad thing to have the blues! Blue cheeses can range from mild-mannered to kick-you-in the-pants in terms of their flavor intensity, but we always like to end a cheese course with a little blue. Pair with bold red wines, fortified dessert wines like port, sherry, and madiera, or even with spirits like bourbon and whiskey.

Cayuga Blue: Goat’s milk blue with mushroom, vanilla, and black pepper notes

Bayley Hazen Blue: Rich, fudgy cow’s milk blue with chocolate and anise flavor notes

Ewe’s Blue: Bright, buttermilk-y, and fruity sheep’s milk blue

Dunbarton Blue: A cheddar/blue hybrid with sweet, toasted nut and burnt sugar flavor notes

Click here for a link to the Wall Street Journal Roundup!

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