Celebrating American Artisans: Introducing Producer Collections!

ArtisanCollectionsIn honor of American Cheese Month, we’re showcasing and highlighting our favorite cheesemakers and affineurs. These farms, individuals and companies all work in tandem to give the artisan cheese community vibrancy and life, and as cheesemongers we love to give them a hearty shout out whenever possible!!

jasper_hill_farm_collection_product_shot_580xJasper Hill Collection

Since its inception, Jasper Hill has operated a working farm/creamery and a state of the art aging facility on their property in Greensboro, Vermont. In addition to producing their own farmstead cheeses from a small herd of Ayrshire cows, Jasper Hill follows the European affineur model of cheese distribution: buying up cheeses from small family farms in the area, aging them to perfection, and bringing them to market all over the country. The dedication to their business model has played a huge role in reviving the dairy industry in Vermont’s picturesque Northeast Kingdom, helping to prop up a slew of small family farms and giving life to the American cheese community.

Includes five hand cut wedges: Landaff – a tangy riff on Welsh Caerphilly, Harbison – a gooey round of cow’s milk cheese swaddled in spruce bark, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar – an English-style cheddar cloaked in cotton cloth, Bayley Hazen Blue – a crumbly and peppery cow’s milk blue, and Willoughby – a pungent and luscious washed rind.

crown_finish_setup_1_580xCrown Finish Caves Collection

Beneath the sidewalks of Bergen Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the folks at Crown Finish Caves tend to an eclectic array of cheeses ripening on their shelves. Crown Finish calls a 19th century complex of lagering tunnels home, which provide just the right environment to bring out the best in their lovingly pampered cheeses.

Includes one pieces each of Bone Char Pearl – an exclusive collaboration between Saxelby, Crown Finish and Blue Hill Stone Barns, Gatekeeper – a cow and sheep mix washed with Millstone cider, and a wedge of Tubby – a nutty and caramel-y alpine style made by Spring Brook Farm.

lazy_lady_setup_blue_product_shot_580xLazy Lady Farm Collection

Laini Fondiller has been making cheese at Lazy Lady Farm since 1987. A true pioneer, Laini began making goat cheese in the dark ages of artisan cheese making in the United States… There were no resources, no books, no equipment, no supplies, no anything to be had to help a young cheesemaker. But the things that Laini did have (and in no short supply) were gumption, tenacity, a love of goats, and a work ethic to beat all else. Together with her partner Barry, Laini built a small steam kettle pasteurizer and cheese vat and went to town. Today she produces over 20 varieties of goat and cows’ milk cheese on her remote, off-the-grid, solar and wind powered farm. Laini milks a small herd of goats – roughly 30 to 40 – from March through January, and sources cows’ milk from neighboring Butterworks Farm when her goats are pregnant and ‘on unemployment’ during the winter months.

Includes three ripe and ready small format cheeses from Lazy Lady Farm. Cheeses are contingent on availability and rotate seasonally; we will notify you of selection when order is placed.

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