Curd’s the Word: Maplebrook Cheddar Bites for Poutine!!

Maplebrook&Poutine!What could possibly go better with crisp fall air, sweaters and changing leaves than an overflowing plate of fried potatoes, gravy and stretchy cheese curds?!

In honor of the start of hockey season, we’re happy to introduce delightful cheddar cheese curds from Vermont’s Maplebrook Farm. These little nuggets of cheddar-y goodness are bright, tangy, bouncy and perfect for smothering and melting!!!

Technically, cheddar bites are primordial cheddar cheese. During the cheddar cheese making process, curds are usually packed into molds and pressed together, and aged yielding the dense, sharp blocks of cheddar we know and love. When fresh and un-pressed, they are mild, milky, creamy, and just a touch salty with a delightfully snappy texture.

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