Chef Spotlight: Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted

HarbsionOne of our favorite things here at Saxelby is getting out into the field to see how our chef partners are using our American farmstead cheeses in creative ways! We serve over 100 restaurants in the NYC area, and each one has their own ways of highlighting the unique, handcrafted products we provide them with.

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on chef Greg Baxtrom of Brooklyn restaurant Olmsted, who has devised a way to turn Jasper Hill Farm’s Harbison into a theatrical experience for all five senses!

A veteran of Chicago sensation Alinea and NYC’s legendary Blue Hill, Baxtrom has pulled together influences from both kitchens to create a dish that is thoughtful and conceptual, while at the same time down-to-earth and ingredient forward.

The delicate, pudding-soft wheels of Harbison are split in two and bruleed with a hand torch. The spruce bark girdle surrounding the cheese, combined with the mold rind, turn the exterior of the Harbison into its own fondue pot, while the flavorful paste inside browns and bubbles. To a perfect gooey consistency. The cheese is presented with a torched pine branch, adding an extra aroma and highlighting the cheese’s forest and resinous flavors.

Being a seasonal restaurant (with its own culinary garden!), Olmsted’s menu changes quickly and often. However, this memorable piece has been one of the few items that had remained consistent since their opening!

Whether you torch it, broil it or simply dig in with some bread and a spoon, Jasper Hill’s Harbison is an American artisan original and a perfect dinner table centerpiece for the Holiday season!

Chef Baxtrom in Action

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