When it comes to comfort, there’s nothing better than butter!

If you can believe it, we love butter almost as much as we love cheese!! Our butter producers take care to use only rich, delicious grass-fed milk and craft each block by hand. Whether it’s gracing a slice of your favorite sourdough or finishing off a dry-aged steak, these butters are sure to turn anything they touch to gold!

Ploughgate Cultured Butter

Salted 1lb ($25)

Ploughgate Cultured Butter

Salted 8oz ($11)

Ploughgate Cultured Butter

Unsalted 8oz ($11)

Trickling Springs Butter

Salted 1lb ($25)

Trickling Springs Butter

Unsalted 1lb ($25)

Trickling Springs Goat Butter

8oz ($14)


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