What is Burrata?

Burrata – it’s the stuff cheesy dreams are made of. We all know we love it, but what makes it so spectacular?

Burrata, literally ‘buttered’ in Italian, refers to fresh mozzarella curd that is stretched into a pouch-like formation and then stuffed full of stracciatella, or strings, of mozzarella that have been steeped in salted heavy cream.

The tradition of burrata making began in a town called Andria in the Apulia region of Italy. Everywhere across the Italian peninsula, people make ‘pasta filata’ cheeses. These ‘stretched curd’ cheeses take many forms… balls (mozzarella) braids, and knots (nodini). In Andria, the local pasta filata shape was nodini, however, in true Italian purist form, if the cheese was not sold the day it was made, it was no longer deemed fit for sale.

So what did these thrifty and enterprising Italians do? They pulled the knots apart into strings, soaked the strings of mozzarella in salted heavy cream, and stracciatella (strings) was born. Now they just needed a vehicle to get that glorious stracciatella into people’s bellies! Enter burrata… They reasoned that if they made a pouch of mozzarella curd, they could stuff it full of stracciatella and it would be amazing. And boy were they right!!!!

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. In this case it’s also the mother of one of the best cheeses known to man!

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