Brooklyn’s Finest: Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta Available Only At!!


Saxelby Cheesemongers is proud to debut Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta, for sale online only at!! This luscious, dense and rich ricotta is made fresh to order every day just a block away from our headquarters in Red Hook, Brooklyn!

Salvatore Bklyn began as a labor of love after Betsy Devine and Rachel Marks encountered the ricotta of one Tuscan elder gent called Salvatore whilst traveling in Tuscany. They took time out of their vacation to learn from the master and brought their new craft home to Brooklyn. After many trials they managed to tame their wild American curds into a creamy and delectable cheese.

Betsy’s ricotta made a splash years ago at Brooklyn’s famed Smorgasburg market, where Martha Stewart dubbed it her “favorite ricotta in the whole world”. Betsy served it true rustic Italian fashion: on crusty bread with nothing but prosciutto and a drizzle of olive oil. Try with our Casella’s Prosciutto and see what the lines were all about!

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A Cut Above! Over 20 New Cheeses Now Available For Sale!


Ask and you shall receive! Due to the overwhelming popularity of our online ‘A La Carte’ cheese selection, Saxelby Cheesemongers has added over 20 cheeses to our online lineup so that you can construct custom cheese plates without leaving the house!! Like a trip to your favorite cheese shop, minus the whole “going out in public” part!

This week only, take 10% off ALL of new cheeses in our collection! Use discount code ‘newbies’ and find some new favorites!



fudgy, caramelly and sweet



rich, nutty, and grassy

Boucher Blue 


spicy, bright, buttery

Goat Butter 


mild, slightly musky, and unique

Casella’s Prosciutto 


American-made, cured to perfection!

Sappy Ewe 


infused with maple and rolled in pine ash!


Curd’s the Word: Maplebrook Cheddar Bites for Poutine!!

Maplebrook&Poutine!What could possibly go better with crisp fall air, sweaters and changing leaves than an overflowing plate of fried potatoes, gravy and stretchy cheese curds?!

In honor of the start of hockey season, we’re happy to introduce delightful cheddar cheese curds from Vermont’s Maplebrook Farm. These little nuggets of cheddar-y goodness are bright, tangy, bouncy and perfect for smothering and melting!!!

Technically, cheddar bites are primordial cheddar cheese. During the cheddar cheese making process, curds are usually packed into molds and pressed together, and aged yielding the dense, sharp blocks of cheddar we know and love. When fresh and un-pressed, they are mild, milky, creamy, and just a touch salty with a delightfully snappy texture.

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Cabot Clothbound Cheddar


Reading Raclette




Celebrating American Artisans: Introducing Producer Collections!

ArtisanCollectionsIn honor of American Cheese Month, we’re showcasing and highlighting our favorite cheesemakers and affineurs. These farms, individuals and companies all work in tandem to give the artisan cheese community vibrancy and life, and as cheesemongers we love to give them a hearty shout out whenever possible!!

jasper_hill_farm_collection_product_shot_580xJasper Hill Collection

Since its inception, Jasper Hill has operated a working farm/creamery and a state of the art aging facility on their property in Greensboro, Vermont. In addition to producing their own farmstead cheeses from a small herd of Ayrshire cows, Jasper Hill follows the European affineur model of cheese distribution: buying up cheeses from small family farms in the area, aging them to perfection, and bringing them to market all over the country. The dedication to their business model has played a huge role in reviving the dairy industry in Vermont’s picturesque Northeast Kingdom, helping to prop up a slew of small family farms and giving life to the American cheese community.

Includes five hand cut wedges: Landaff – a tangy riff on Welsh Caerphilly, Harbison – a gooey round of cow’s milk cheese swaddled in spruce bark, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar – an English-style cheddar cloaked in cotton cloth, Bayley Hazen Blue – a crumbly and peppery cow’s milk blue, and Willoughby – a pungent and luscious washed rind.

crown_finish_setup_1_580xCrown Finish Caves Collection

Beneath the sidewalks of Bergen Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the folks at Crown Finish Caves tend to an eclectic array of cheeses ripening on their shelves. Crown Finish calls a 19th century complex of lagering tunnels home, which provide just the right environment to bring out the best in their lovingly pampered cheeses.

Includes one pieces each of Bone Char Pearl – an exclusive collaboration between Saxelby, Crown Finish and Blue Hill Stone Barns, Gatekeeper – a cow and sheep mix washed with Millstone cider, and a wedge of Tubby – a nutty and caramel-y alpine style made by Spring Brook Farm.

lazy_lady_setup_blue_product_shot_580xLazy Lady Farm Collection

Laini Fondiller has been making cheese at Lazy Lady Farm since 1987. A true pioneer, Laini began making goat cheese in the dark ages of artisan cheese making in the United States… There were no resources, no books, no equipment, no supplies, no anything to be had to help a young cheesemaker. But the things that Laini did have (and in no short supply) were gumption, tenacity, a love of goats, and a work ethic to beat all else. Together with her partner Barry, Laini built a small steam kettle pasteurizer and cheese vat and went to town. Today she produces over 20 varieties of goat and cows’ milk cheese on her remote, off-the-grid, solar and wind powered farm. Laini milks a small herd of goats – roughly 30 to 40 – from March through January, and sources cows’ milk from neighboring Butterworks Farm when her goats are pregnant and ‘on unemployment’ during the winter months.

Includes three ripe and ready small format cheeses from Lazy Lady Farm. Cheeses are contingent on availability and rotate seasonally; we will notify you of selection when order is placed.

Gear Up for American Cheese Month With Our Regional Favorites!

170925_RegionalFavesIt’s nearing the most special time of year for us cheeseheads… American Cheese Month!!!

For the entire month of October, retailers, restaurants and cheesemakers around the celebrate the hard work, creativity and ingenuity of America’s artisan cheesemakers. To gear up and show your love, check out some of our curated sets of regional favorites!!

The New Yorker >>



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Blue Ribbon Beauties – Award-Winning Cheeses From Saxelby’s Collection

ACS Winners.jpg

Everybody loves a winner! We’re tickled pink by the tremendous response we’ve had to the recent Wall Street Journal roundup of American Cheese Society award-winning cheeses. Check out the full Saxelby selection of ACS award-winners and assemble a blue ribbon-worthy cheese plate of your own!


Decadent gooey cheeses are a must-have for any cheese plate! Serve with a spoonful of honey or your favorite preserves. Soft cheeses should ideally be eaten within 2 weeks of purchase, so we recommend buying only as much as you need for your next few dinners.

Harbison: Gooey, bark-wrapped cheese. Cultured cream, mustard, and raspberry flavor notes

Noble Road: Mild, mushroomy Brie-style cheese

Moses Sleeper: Funky soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese. Broccoli, truffle, and creamy flavor notes


For those who love the funk, a pungent washed-rind cheese is a must have in any cheese lineup! These savory and potent cheeses are a perfect foil for wine and beer pairings – try an off-dry riesling or a creamy brown ale.

Grayson: Beefy, custardy washed-rind cow’s milk cheese

Slyboro: Pungent vegetal washed-rind goat’s milk cheese


These mature cheeses pack a punch! Sturdy and robust, these cheeses provide richness, depth and heft to a cheese plate, and will hold up practically forever in your fridge! Don’t be afraid to stock up and savor these over the course of many weeks.

Marieke Premium Gouda: Butterscotchy, crystalline, and carmelized aged gouda

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar: Nutty, brothy, grassy, and sweet clothbound cheddar


In the world of cheese, it’s not a bad thing to have the blues! Blue cheeses can range from mild-mannered to kick-you-in the-pants in terms of their flavor intensity, but we always like to end a cheese course with a little blue. Pair with bold red wines, fortified dessert wines like port, sherry, and madiera, or even with spirits like bourbon and whiskey.

Cayuga Blue: Goat’s milk blue with mushroom, vanilla, and black pepper notes

Bayley Hazen Blue: Rich, fudgy cow’s milk blue with chocolate and anise flavor notes

Ewe’s Blue: Bright, buttermilk-y, and fruity sheep’s milk blue

Dunbarton Blue: A cheddar/blue hybrid with sweet, toasted nut and burnt sugar flavor notes

Click here for a link to the Wall Street Journal Roundup!

Producer Spotlight: Vermont Shepherd

VermontShepherdVermont Shepherd is a 250-acre sheep dairy located in Westminster West, Vermont. Vermont Shepherd is one of the oldest sheep farms in Vermont and is the second oldest sheep dairy in the United States. The Major family has had sheep on the farm since 1965 and have been a sheep dairy since 1987. The farm is now run by the Major and Ielpi families, and is home to over 300 ewes.

To celebrate their unique character and seasonal spirit, we’ve put together a package that not only reflects their cheesemaking talent, but the farm itself and the surrounding community. In addition to making their small batch cheeses, Vermont Shepherd sends small amounts of their sheep’s milk to an artisan in the neighboring town of Bellow’s Falls to be turned into a gentle, fragrant soap.

Scenes from the farm.

A New Saxelby Exclusive: Calderwood from Jasper Hill Farm!!


After a lengthy R&D process, we’re proud to premier our latest Saxelby exclusive!!!

Calderwood begins as a wheel of Alpha Tolman, Jasper Hill’s delicious alpine-style cheese, which spends several months of its aging process coated in hay from lush Vermont pastures located right on the farm.

The hay used to make Calderwood is harvested from pastures surrounding Jasper Hill Farm and dried in a special hay drying machine. The Calderwood Cropping Center, the first machine of its kind in the United States, can dry hay in a matter of a few hours, where it would take 3-4 days to dry in a sunny field. Jasper Hill Farm’s founders, Andy and Mateo Kehler, observed a hay dryer in action in Parma Italy, a region whose cheese calls for grass-fed milk, but whose climate is a bit too rainy for making consistent dry hay, and were inspired to bring the Italian technology stateside. The Cropping Center allows them to make high quality dry hay for feed that lasts the whole year, which is paramount to their quality standards as cheesemakers. Many of Jasper Hill’s award-winning cheeses are crafted from raw milk. Good quality hay is a key ingredient in the cheesemaking process, ensuring the microbiology of the cows’ digestive systems and the milk itself is at an optimal place for cheesemaking.  

Read about Calderwood in the New York Times! >>

Andersonville_Farm_hay dryer-web

Above: Calderwood Cropping Center