The Saxelby Exclusives Trio: cheesey collaborations with farmers, chefs and brewers


A trio of cheeses made exclusively for Saxelby Cheesemongers in collaboration with some of our favorite cheesemakers, restaurant / chef partners, and brewers! This limited-edition roundup showcases the best of the best – rare, seasonal, and delicious cheeses, each with their own story to tell.

bone_char_peal_580xBone Char Pearl

Bone Char Pearl is a mixed milk cheese (fifty percent cow and fifty percent goat) that is made at by Barbara Brooks at Seal Cove Farm in Maine. The young buttons of cheese are dusted with a fine coating of bone ash produced by Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and aged by the expert affineurs at Crown Finish Caves until they reach three weeks of age and are ripe and ready to eat! Bone Char Pearl is tangy, fudgy and distinctly earthy with a tannic and mineral finish imparted by the bone ash.


Calderwood is a rich and robust wheel of raw cows’ milk cheese coated in finely chopped fibers of hay made exclusively for Saxelby Cheesemongers by Jasper Hill Farm. The wheels are washed with brine for six months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill before being coated in hay and sealed in Cryovac. After an additional four months of aging in hay, the cryovac is removed and the cheeses are left to dry and form a natural rind in the cellars. The finished wheels of cheese are firm nutty and complex, with hints of earth, caramel, chestnut honey, toasted bread, and tropical fruit.


A pungent, limited edition collaboration between Saxelby Cheesemongers, Jasper Hill Farm, and Folksbier Brauerei! Willoughby is an odoriferous round of washed rind cows’ milk cheese that is normally washed with a salt brine. However, this special batch has been washed with Folksbier’s ‘Recurring Dreams’, an American pale ale with a citrusy, herbal kick. Recurring Dreams is a continuing series at Folksbier that explores the NE-style pale ale through modifying variables batch to batch, a repeated process with subtle yet distinguishable changes.

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CheeseplateWith all of the running around and last-minute chores that (inevitably) come alongside the joys of Thanksgiving, why not leave an entire course to us!!

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Chef Spotlight: Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted

HarbsionOne of our favorite things here at Saxelby is getting out into the field to see how our chef partners are using our American farmstead cheeses in creative ways! We serve over 100 restaurants in the NYC area, and each one has their own ways of highlighting the unique, handcrafted products we provide them with.

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on chef Greg Baxtrom of Brooklyn restaurant Olmsted, who has devised a way to turn Jasper Hill Farm’s Harbison into a theatrical experience for all five senses!

A veteran of Chicago sensation Alinea and NYC’s legendary Blue Hill, Baxtrom has pulled together influences from both kitchens to create a dish that is thoughtful and conceptual, while at the same time down-to-earth and ingredient forward.

The delicate, pudding-soft wheels of Harbison are split in two and bruleed with a hand torch. The spruce bark girdle surrounding the cheese, combined with the mold rind, turn the exterior of the Harbison into its own fondue pot, while the flavorful paste inside browns and bubbles. To a perfect gooey consistency. The cheese is presented with a torched pine branch, adding an extra aroma and highlighting the cheese’s forest and resinous flavors.

Being a seasonal restaurant (with its own culinary garden!), Olmsted’s menu changes quickly and often. However, this memorable piece has been one of the few items that had remained consistent since their opening!

Whether you torch it, broil it or simply dig in with some bread and a spoon, Jasper Hill’s Harbison is an American artisan original and a perfect dinner table centerpiece for the Holiday season!

Chef Baxtrom in Action

Tuesday 11/14 at 9am: Animal Farm Butter goes on sale!

AnimalFarmButterThe day is finally here!!!! A small, limited release of the country’s most sought-after butter will go live on tomorrow at 9am!! Supplies are extremely limited, so get in early to get your butter in time for Thanksgiving!!

Please note: orders without a specified ship date will ship out on Wednesday 11/15

Read more about Diane St. Claire’s famous and elusive butter here!


A Match Made in Beer and Cheese Heaven: Folksbier Washed Willoughby!!

FolskbierA Saxelby exclusive and a Brooklyn Original!! Being obsessive nerds for all things fermented, we at Saxelby felt driven to unite the worlds of beer and cheese just in time for holiday season feasting.

We’ve collaborated with our friends at Jasper Hill Farm to custom wash an entire batch of Willoughby (that’s 1000 wheels!!!) in a beer of our choosing. After some arduous searching, we found the perfect brew for the task: Recurring Dreams IPA from our Red Hook neighbor Folksbier.

After a few weeks bathing in this juicy, floral and hop-bomb of an ale, these Willoughbys are pungent, full-flavored and entirely one-of-a-kind!

Read more about Folksbier, recently named NYC’s best taproom by Grubstreet!

Spoonable and Seasonal: Rush Creek Reserve from Uplands Cheese!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a cheesemonger: the start of Rush Creek season!! This delectable American juggernaut from Wisconsin’s Uplands Cheese signals the start of the Holiday feasting season on our calendars, and we couldn’t be happier that our first delivery is here!!!

Made in the tradition of Vacherin Mont d’Or, a famous cheese from the Jura region of France, Rush Creek is made for 8 weeks each fall, when the cows at Uplands go off pasture and begin to eat dry hay supplemented with a touch of grain. This shift in diet makes their milk especially rich and decadent. Each wheel is wrapped with a spruce bark girdle, keeping the gooey paste at bay until it hits the dinner table! The spoonable cheese is hearty and complex, with a wide range of flavors from creme fraiche, freshly cut grass, hazelnuts and smoked meat all making their way onto the palate. Aged for 60-75 days and available each year from November through January.

Like most good things, the Rush Creek season is short and sweet, so don’t hesitate to make this the centerpiece of your Holiday table!

Brooklyn’s Finest: Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta Available Only At!!


Saxelby Cheesemongers is proud to debut Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta, for sale online only at!! This luscious, dense and rich ricotta is made fresh to order every day just a block away from our headquarters in Red Hook, Brooklyn!

Salvatore Bklyn began as a labor of love after Betsy Devine and Rachel Marks encountered the ricotta of one Tuscan elder gent called Salvatore whilst traveling in Tuscany. They took time out of their vacation to learn from the master and brought their new craft home to Brooklyn. After many trials they managed to tame their wild American curds into a creamy and delectable cheese.

Betsy’s ricotta made a splash years ago at Brooklyn’s famed Smorgasburg market, where Martha Stewart dubbed it her “favorite ricotta in the whole world”. Betsy served it true rustic Italian fashion: on crusty bread with nothing but prosciutto and a drizzle of olive oil. Try with our Casella’s Prosciutto and see what the lines were all about!

Also Check out Salvatore’s Best Friends!

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Ask and you shall receive! Due to the overwhelming popularity of our online ‘A La Carte’ cheese selection, Saxelby Cheesemongers has added over 20 cheeses to our online lineup so that you can construct custom cheese plates without leaving the house!! Like a trip to your favorite cheese shop, minus the whole “going out in public” part!

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fudgy, caramelly and sweet



rich, nutty, and grassy

Boucher Blue 


spicy, bright, buttery

Goat Butter 


mild, slightly musky, and unique

Casella’s Prosciutto 


American-made, cured to perfection!

Sappy Ewe 


infused with maple and rolled in pine ash!